Can I take Physics 8A in the fall as a freshman? Or do I have to fulfill prereqs 1st?

<p>What is physics 7A for? What should I take in the fall as a freshman? I have everything completed or will have it completed for breadth requirements and AC/R&C</p>

<p>7A is for scientists and engineers; unless you are this, do 8A if you are planning to take a physics course.</p>

<p>I'm in MCB..does that count as "scientists"?</p>

<p>IIRC, MCB majors can take 8A instead of 7A. The 7-series is mainly for engineering or those in the physical sciences i.e. chemistry.</p>

<p>MCB allows you to take either, but as an MCB student, you have to take one or the other (meaning, physics is a lower div requirement for MCB). 7A is more emphasized on theory than problem-solving.</p>