Can I take the ACT in december with writing? Do most colleges accept this date?

<p>Im going to take the ACT with writing in october, and then again in December. Is there some sort of score choice between the two scores? Also will most of the selective colleges accept this date?</p>

<p>i believe Ivy League schools will accept December as well, but for UC's, november 30th is the cut off.</p>

<p>Oh okay thanks. Is there any type of score choice with the ACT test?</p>

<p>UCs application deadline is Nov 30, but it accepts test scores through the December test date and for December test you should designate a UC as a free send on your test application so it is not delayed in sending (you can apply to multiple UCs by sending a score to only one; others automatically get it from that one).</p>

<p>For regular admission, almost all colleges accept through the December test date for SAT and ACT and many accept Jan SATs even though colleges have Jan 1 app deadlines (application deadlines are for most colleges not the test score deadline).</p>

<p>However there are some that want tests completed before then; examples: Cal Polys (Nov 30 app deadline, complete tests by Nov 30), UTexas (has Dec 1 app deadline and wants scores in its hands by Dec 31 which for Dec SAT possibly works but not necessarily for the later ACT), UFlorida (has a Nov 1 app deadline and wants tests in its hands by "December" but gives no particular day in Dec but should assume Nov test is latest; it takes apps and tests scores later until March 1 but anyone who applies after Nov 1 may be denied if it has already filled a program with timely applicants). There are some others and thus check particular schools but usually it will be one of the minority of colleges that has an early, Dec 1 or before, app deadline. Also, understand that if you want to apply early action or early decision, you will have to complete tests earlier.</p>

<p>SAT will send all test scores it has for you to a college in one send and and for one fee per college (or as a free send in application). ACT does not do that. It sends only one score per order per college. For example, if you designate a college as a free send for the Dec test, only the Dec test will be sent. Thus to send both the Oct test and Dec test you must make two separate orders per college and if not using a free send, pay a separate fee for each order. There is thus no "score choice" option with ACT like SAT to prevent a score from being sent when sending another because ACT always sends only one test per order.</p>

<p>Oh okay. So basically I'm going to take the ACT 2 times, which ever score I like better I'm sending. I kind of like the ACT much better than the SAT now :)</p>