Can I tranfer to Rutgers after 1 year of USP?

<p>I got into the USP PharmD program, but rejected from the Rutgers pharmacy program. If I go to USP for one year, will I be able to transfer to Rutgers? It's right next to home and a lot cheaper. Also, can someone tell about the quality of the dorms in USP?</p>


<p>I don't know anything about USP PharmD other than it's a good program. If you want to transfer to Rutgers PharmD, it's like IMPOSSIBLE because they don't have much spots open. Although many drop in their pre-professional years, people from SAS also want to transfer in along with people from other schools, so don't depend on that option. But if you want to transfer in to any other department at Rutgers, that's pretty easy to do.</p>