Can I transfer credit around multiple times in order to get school to accept it?

I am currently Attending Ranken technical college to complete 2 associates degrees in engineering technology and science. I want to transfer to a school to finish a Bachelors in Mechanical engineering but most schools either won’t accept any credit or not all of it. Another school UMSL will accept all credit but doesn’t have the exact engineering degree I want but all other schools will accept credit from UMSL. Can I transfer my credit to UMSL and then would it be able to be transferred to another school?



Agree with @RichInPitt: that would simply add another transcript for the schools you want to evaluate- you don’t get to re-brand credits from one uni as being from another.


You can transfer to UMSL, from your technical college, but you need to become a student at UMSL and take coursework…

As previously noted, one college is not going to call another school’s credit as their own. They can choose to accept whatever credits or units you may have, but they’re not going say “yeah this is our student”. Why would they do that? You’ve never attended their school.
They don’t know the faculty;
They don’t know the academic requirements for the coursework and what was taught.
They don’t know the professors.
In essence, they’re not going to pretend that you took classes at their school for credit.

Is there a reason you have two Associates degrees?

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I think you need to decide what you are looking for in a 4 year college. It may take you 3 years once you arrive to finish a BS in ME. You can then look for at the college’s transfer credit pages to start to figure out what credits they may take. Like this one from RIT:

Ranken does not highlight a direct connection to 4 year schools on their website like some Tech schools do. They are very career driven, which is great and serves a huge need.

Look for some different engineering programs. I like RIT for many reasons, but for you they offer Engineering and Engineering Technology degrees and I think will be interested in accepting your credits.

The Citadel also offers a 2+2 BS ME program with SC’s tech schools that may be able to find the right fit for you. This is not part of the military corps part of the Citadel as far as I understand which is a plus for many interested.

Also, look again at other instate schools familiar with Ranken that might actually take more credits than you think and where you would be happy spending 4 to 6 more semesters. How about:

If you transfer more than once, the new college will take transfer credit directly from the college where the courses were taken, not as passed through another college.

A similar situation would apply to AP credit.