Can I transfer from Baruch to NYU (stern)?

<p>Can I transfer from Baruch to NYU (stern) after ive done the courses NYU wants?
Do you think theres a chance? I didint manage to apply to NYU as my transfer admissions were late :( so i was wondering if i go to Baruch first finish up there and then transfer to NYU after?</p>

<p>it's really hard to transfer into stern, even from another school within NYU. (like from CAS -> Stern)</p>

<p>they have a relatively high retention rate, but it's not impossible.</p>

<p>so its fairly hard eh?
its said that other students from other schools IN NYU are not allowed to transfer to Stern.
so i was wondering if i could transfer from baruch to Stern. Oh well i'll see in my second year if i got the credits and GPA high enough to get into Stern.</p>

<p>thank you!</p>