Can I transfer from Cal Poly Pomona to Cal state Fullerton and do I have a good chance?

Hello everyone,
I am currently going to start my first semester at Cal poly Pomona as an undergraduate student for transfer. I’ve applied to Fullerton a few times because it is my dream school and got in in 2018 but I could not go and I reapplied last year but did not get it again. I was wondering if I have a good chance of getting in for next spring, I have all my golden four done as well as my associates degree in communications. My GPA from my community college is 3.4, so I was wondering if it’s possible to transfer from one Cal state to another and if I have a good chance at getting into to Fullerton for Spring 2021. Hopefully, someone can help me out thank you.

I cannot chance you but you would need competitive grades your 1st semester at CPP to make CSUF take you after rejecting you for Fall. Until you have your 1st semester grades, no one can give the odds of transferring other than wishing you Best of luck.