Can I transfer to a UC with requirements done in the spring

hello! i am psychology major and currently have a 4.0 GPA at my California cc and i was following the IGETC requirements only that i didn’t even realize i was missing the major prerequisite requirements many UCs ask for. i have most of them done (stat/research methods/philosophy/brain mind behavior) except intro to chemistry/biology but was wondering if i took them in the spring (rather than the fall) before transfer that it would greatly affect my chances? I will still have all the requirements before enrolling but they wont see the grades before i get accepted/rejected. i dont have a chance to do either in the fall. the schools i care about most are UCSD, UC Berkeley, and UCLA, but also Davis and Irvine. i believe i already have the minimum requirement for SD but is the minimum enough? i dont have many extracurriculars but i believe in my ability to write good essays.

In general, if you will have all the required courses completed by Spring prior to matriculation, you will be fine for the UC’s. In reality, the more required courses completed by application time, the better chance you have for the tough admits like UCB and UCLA.

You have a competitive GPA so that will definitely help your chances at admission.

Are you TAGing to either UCI or UCD since there are specific deadlines for some of the GE’s if you are using TAG?

You will also have to complete a TAU (Transfer Academic Update) in January with Fall grades and expected Spring courses.


I am unable to apply for tap because I had only had 28 units after my second semester - I’m making it up this semester. Will that be ok? Thank you for your reply!

TAG is different than TAP where TAG gives you guaranteed admission if you complete all the requirements and apply with a specific GPA or higher.

TAP gives you priority to transfer to the UC’s but is not guaranteed.

For TAG, you need a minimum 30 semester units taken at a California CC at time of application. TAG applications are due at the end of this month.

TAP Students are certified after completing the honors or scholars program at their community college.

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Thank you for letting me know. So is it that as long as keep the minimum GPA and finish my courses, I can apply? I thought 30 transferable units must be done in order to submit the application. I will be done with 45 semester units by the end up of the semester but currently only 28?

My apologies, you are correct that you need 30 semester units at time of the TAG application according to the UC Davis and UC Irvine website. For some reason I read you had 38 units not 28 units.

I edited my response on the other post so the correct information is listed.

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