Can I transfer to an Ivy League school with the same major?


I am a current Senior High School student in California. I am attending a state university and I was wondering if I can transfer into an Ivy League school - for example Columbia - with the same intended major which is Political Science?

I was reading other transfer students’ essays who have gotten accepted into multiple Ivy League schools and predominately they wrote about switching their intended major to one that is available at an Ivy League school.

If I plan to transfer to an Ivy League, but stick with my major - political science - would this weaken my transfer application and limit my ability to transfer?

Please reply back.


It will weaken your application unless you can articulate what Columbia’s Poly Science major offers that is not available at your current school.

Check the acceptance rate for transfers at the Ivies that interest you. In general, it is even more difficult to get accepted as a tranfer student than as an entering freshman. See below: