Can I Trust **************?

<p>I visited Elon this weekend and it was probably the nicest college campus I visited asides Duke. </p>

<p>Then today I went on (Edit: got censored, but it's a review website for college) and found that it has an overwhelming number of negative reviews. Richmond, Duke, Chapel Hill, Wake all have positive reviews.</p>

<p>The reviews were disheartening. I don't want to go somewhere if I'm not going to learn anything and I'm going to be around narrow-minded people. But I also loved the college when I visited it. Some people who reviewed Elon said they loved their visit, but the school was nothing that they expected. I'm not sure what to do now. The website isn't trustworthy but compared to other schools on the site, there seems to be a trend with Elon. I've gone from wearing an Elon shirt I bought to being really confused as to what colleges to apply to and a little ashamed that I'm wearing the shirt.</p>

<p>Also, I'd like to note that my chances of getting into Duke and Chapel Hill are slim to none, so Elon is closer to a match than anything else.</p>

<p>Look, every school, and I mean EVERY, has had unhappy students from time to time. Could be students who didn't do well academically and need to blame everyone else, or students who went to a school that they never wanted to attend because of parental pressure. I can think of lots of reasons why people complain, and complainers love to broadcast! When people are happy, they don't have a reason to be wasting time on review sites, etc., so you are bound to see less of the "I'm so happy" "Best school ever!" types of reviews. The only way you will know is to talk to lots of people, and if your gut leads you to Elon, then that is where you should go. Doubting yourself because of others is never going to get you anywhere in life. Can you do an overnight at Elon? Did you sit in on a few classes? Spend some time in the student cafeteria and "eavesdrop" to get a feel for the tone of students? The mistake is to choose a school only due to rankings, etc. You need to find the school that appeals to you.</p>

<p>tip for future: put the school name in the subject title, so people who know about that school will open your thread.</p>

<p>See if Elon has a dedicated discussion board here. Use the search feature to bring up past discussions.</p>

<p>I'd pay very little attention to these kind of anonymous 'reviews'. These revews are from high school students who visited? What is that worth? Nothing. Visits are only reflective of one experience and depends on the tour guide etc, and the student and the students own knowledge and expectations to which you likely have no insight.</p>

<p>It does but its certainly inactive.</p>

<p>Edit: Teach, I don't think they do overnights and I live a fair few hours away. And the reason I am worried is because reviews stated that the school sells itself so well, but once you get there its just nothing it's cracked up to be.</p>

<p>Ask people who have been there as well as adults who know of it.</p>

<p>For many Elon is a second choice school...perhaps rejected at Wake, UNC, Richmond, and Duke. Those that write reviews may be very bitter people and always see the grass as greener on the otherside.</p>

this may sound funny, but there is a lot of discussion of Elon on the Jewish students thread (which is not limited to Jewish students by any means!) in the Parents Forum, so you might go to the thread and search for the Elon entries. Discussion there has been very positive on Elon, and that is from parents whose students are there now.</p>

<p>Haystack also makes a good point.</p>

<p>My son was at Emory, and a girl down the hall just could never forgive Emory for not being Stanford.</p>

<p>I agree with the poster who said that the word "ELON" should have been in the post title. I think you will find lots of posters who will happily share their opinions on a school if the name appears in the title but the title you've used probably won't attract much attention.</p>

<p>I believe you are refering to the website that has students in the title. While we have looked at it to see if there was any negative pattern for a particular school, overall we have taken the comments with a grain of salt. It tends to be overwhelmingly negative. You are also not required to be enrolled in a school to post comments about it.</p>

<p>The best info we have found is from the cc website and also the site with prowl in the name.</p>

<p>Good luck. My son is looking at Elon. We haven't visited yet but it sounds like an excellent school.</p>

<p>Well, I am transferring from Elon next semester because I am unhappy here, but let me first say that Elon was my first choice school and that I was not settling for it. Elon's website is telling the truth when it says it is big on engaged on learning. Academics here are extremely engaging and offer a unique experience. Socially, I am not thrilled with being here, as it is a big party school and doesn't offer much on the weekends. It is not what I expected personally, but I also think that is in part due also due to the fact I don't fit into Elon's culture. Still an excellent school for people who fit in!</p>

<p>If you have any questions, ask me! :)</p>

For many Elon is a second choice school...perhaps rejected at Wake, UNC, Richmond, and Duke.


<p>Indeed. Many years ago, I went to a college that was known as a place for "Ivy League rejects" (which I was not - it was my first choice school). The atmosphere was toxic.</p>