Can I use my HS internships in college?

<p>How long after graduating HS do people keep internships/research positions on their resumes? I have some which are college-level at least, have made great connections during, accomplished a couple things. Would I keep these on my resume during college - such as if I wanted another similar position, or even after that?</p>

<p>You keep them on as long as you don't have better things and need the room to keep your resume to one page. You may also want to resurrect them from time to time. So for example I had some interesting library work that I did in high school - it wasn't on all my resumes, but it was on the resume when I applied for a part time library job.</p>

<p>DS's internship started his Jr year in HS [and continued for 2 summers in college with a USGS scientist] was on his resume/ applications for grad school. He also had a LOR from the USGS scientist that was included in his application.</p>

<p>My internships aren't really something I'm going to continue in college.</p>

<p>@menloparkmom - Did your son get the LOR for undergrad or grad admissions?</p>

<p>both, but Stanford "misplaced" the first letter when DS was applying for UG- really ****ed the scientist off when that happened, as he was a Stanford grad too!</p>

<p>I would like to ask my current research mentor, but there are a lot of forms associated with the Intel, Siemens, etc . . .forms that I have asked her to fill out. I've filled out what I can, but the rest is asking her opinion. I feel like I would be annoying her if I asked for LOR besides all that, but I know she likes me and thinks I worked her. What do you think?</p>

<p>Thanks! Sorry if that's really long.</p>