Can I use my Knowledge of Foreign Linguistics As Evidence

Hi everyone, I know it’s a bit late but I have a quick question. I am currently doing my own practice RA and it’s an Ancient Athenian Speech. In talking about repetitive and emphasizing syntax as a strategy, I embedded the quote: “Whatever shall be to the advantage of all, may that prevail!” From my studies in languages and linguistics, I happen to have a lot of schema on the grammatical structures on Ancient Greek. In addition to the three moods of English, they had something called the “Optative Mood” that expresses a hope. In AG, phrases falling into this mood would take on a totally different conjugation that worked to highlight its message. So I’m wondering, if I happened to run into this on the AP exam (As I have seen this in other Greek speeches and I see things in German speeches that I know would bring emphasis), could I include this fact along with the idea that it’s say a periodic sentence?

Could you? Of course. Would it help your mark? Harder to say, but probably not meaningfully. Have you looked at the marking scheme? AP markers stick very tightly to it.