Can I use notes saved on my calculator?

<p>If I have notes saved on my calculator, like formulas and such, is it okay to use them on Math II or is that cheating?</p>

<p>Depends on what you program. If it's a formula that's fairly common or is provided on the SAT, then there's no problem. I think in the Barron prep book there was even a section on programing your calculator for mathII, so programing formulas in itself is definitely allowed. "Notes", on the other hand, can refer to a lot of things.</p>

<p>If it's stored onto the graphing calculator, anything is free game. </p>

<p>If it's like a written note attached to the back of the calculator, it's a no.</p>

<p>They won't know... so you can use your formulas.</p>

<p>Excellent. I have things saved to the note application</p>

<p>into what are you writing these so that theyll be saved? (and what are u writing?, i can use every hint lol)</p>

<p>Barrons even has a couple pages with all the programs :) It's fine</p>

<p>^^Idk if this helps, since I never figured out how to program properly:</p>

<p>Calculator</a> Programs</p>

<p>Notefilo or something like that. It's under Apps on the TI-84 Silver Edition Plus.</p>