Can low SAT II scores hurt you?

<p>let say I take 4 different SAT II test: writing, math, chemistry, and literature.</p>

<p>if I got above 700 on writing, math, and chemistry and 500 on literature, would that affect me? or do colleges just look at the highest writing, math, and 3rd subject scores, ignoring other test scores?</p>

<p>because I see people talking about canceling their scores because they think they did bad, but if colleges look only at the highest score, can you just retake the test that you did bad on, and not worry about canceling it?</p>

<p>Well colleges still see the low score, even if they "don't consider it". 3 tests above 700 just looks better than 3 tests above 700 and a 500. If I was an admissions officer, the 500 would raise a red flag and the application would appear less strong than if that score wasn't there.</p>

<p>I'm thinking of canceling too. I did alright on writing and math, but I really screwed up on Physics. Probably answered only 25 right, so that's like 450-600 at most, but I'm sure the percentile will be really low (do colleges see the percentiles?). </p>

<p>So should I cancel? I'm gonna study and retake in December, but will having one low score really affect me even if I do much better the next time?</p>

<p>If you think you did that badly, both of you, then cancel. If there's time to study and retake, I would do it. But I wouldn't let what I'm sure would be a really bad score end up on MY report!</p>

<p>This is also one you will need to check with particular colleges to which you are applying. Many consider only the highest three SAT II's but some will actually consider all SAT II scores sent.</p>

<p>Just because they say they only consider the top 3 doesn't mean that they don't see the others (they certainly do) and that those scores won't make some impression on them.</p>

<p>Well, I had my first SAT II report, on the thin paper, and it hurt me in 2D finger.
There was one low score, so I assume that it might be this one, which hurt me...</p>

<p>Are You satisfied?</p>

<p>However, the probability of hurting by score report is greatest,when when scores are about 500-600 since there are most of such reports, and probability rises with rate of using.</p>

<p>Just my two cents...</p>