Can my child take SAT Early Oct test before PSAT Mid October

Can my child take SAT Early Oct 2021 test before PSAT Mid October 2021

should I register for Nov 2021 test and cancel it later if he gets score.

Your child can take the SAT before the PSAT. Many kids, including those 12yo and under do for assorted talent searches (JHU SET).

Does PSAT qualification gets impacted if you do SAT before ?

No. Neither the eligibility to take the PSAT nor the ability to win a National Merit Scholarship are adversely impacted.

Yes, you can take the SAT pretty much any time. Younger than 13 will require paper registration and scores by phone, as laws prevent online account t for kids under 13. And adults taking the test (usually tutors, reporters, or researchers) can only take it on a QAS date.

If a student has completed Algebra 2, my recommendation is always to double up SAT/PSAT into one preparation cycle, with the SAT in either a October or November. As you only get one shot at the PSAT and can re-take the SAT, the October SAT date makes sense.

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For some students, taking the SAT right before the PSAT is a great way to motivate the student to practice a lot in August and September. Then, the Junior year PSAT (the one that counts for NMSF) can be less intimidating. You can take another SAT at the end of Jr or first semester Senior Year.

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Mine took the SAT a week before the PSAT. In the week between, she reviewed the math concepts that gave her trouble on the SAT. After the PSAT, she was done. Her SAT score was good but her PSAT score went up in relation, and she made NM.

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The SAT no longer allows many under 13 tests. (And as for their bogus registration issues, they could easily upgrade software to address it like any of the many other testing companies.) They make it more difficult every is extremely frustrating because opportunities still require it.

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CB has updated their entire “Younger Students” page with a note that no one under 13 can register.

CTY still links to that page when discussing how to qualify. It will be interesting to see what happens with CTY, NUMATS, TIP, DYS, and other programs that depended on then SAT for talent identification.

Especially SET, which has had the SAT as the sole way to qualify for decades.

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DYS said this week they will only accept the IQ tests for the time being.After 8 SAT cancellations last year for SweetBoy (where he would have qualified for DYS) I was trying to register DD11. So now I have to shell out $1600 for IQ tests I don’t care about instead of the $65 test that has more value to me.

Lots of kids have missing test scores from the pandemic. Our state didn’t have state tests for two years. Now no SAT/ISEE.