Can my godmother be considered as my legal guardian for in-state pay?

<p>I live in California, but I want to go to UMich.
My godmother and her family live there, and assuming I get accepted, could I consider her as my legal guardian who is paying for my tuition. Since she lives in Michigan, would she be able to pay for me at the in-state cost and my parents could reimburse her or something.
Wanted insight from parents sending kids to college who may have some insight.
Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>no. you could not. </p>

<p>first for instate you must live there for 1 year and have proof of doing so and second your legal gaurdiens are your parents.</p>

<p>Being a godmother is not a legal relationship, it is a religious one. Even legal family relationships, such as an aunt/uncle or sibling, or even grandparents, will not give you residency. Trying to be declared someone's legal ward for tuition purposes will not work.</p>

<p>No. Your residency is based on that of your parents. You cannot use your godmother, or even an actual family member such as a grandparent, to try and achieve instate tuition in a state other than your true state of residency. </p>

<p>And you cannot become an instate resident by attending school in Michigan for a year. The only way for you to become instate for Michigan is for your parents and you to move there at least a year before you start college.</p>

<p>Or you could move there alone once you are a legally an adult and work full time for a year- losing that year of college since you wouldn't have time to also be a student. Public colleges/universities are very aware of ways people try to avoid OOS tuition and are tough about it.</p>

<p>Surely U Mich has something on their website that explains their policy/criteria re: qualifying for instate tuition. Living with a godparent won't be one of the criteria. Sorry. No way.</p>

<p>could only one of my parents live in michigan for a year?
my dad's job is in shanghai and would not be able to move to michigan.</p>

<p>In another post you wrote this:</p>

I have cousins in Michigan that could be considered my guardians on the app,

No, they could not be considered your guardians (same situation as the godmother, if one of them is not your godmother, which you are asking about on this thread).</p>

<p>Here is U Mich's residency requirement:
Residency</a> - Office of the Registrar</p>