Can my leadership save me?

<p>I don't have wonderful grades or horrible ones, they are average. Involvement with Student Government has consumed a majority of my free time. I headed Homecoming committee and Prom. I have planned and MCed every assembly. I am the MC for the battle of the bands and the yearly pageant. I am the first ever female student body president. I dont have the 33 ACT (more like a 25) CMC is looking for but do I still have a shot?</p>

<p>Thanks for any help you can give :)</p>

<p>I don't know for sure but i wouldn't get optimistic if I were you. It sounds like you have GREAT leadership and extra-curriculers, however many applicants for CMC (as far as I know) have good leadership and great grades/scores. However, if you're hispanic/black that could up your chances.</p>

<p>Hmmm I dont have that going for me but I am 1st generation.</p>

<p>I'm sure that would help! I'm just making guesses here but you never know! good luck :)</p>

<p>Thanks :) good luck to you too.</p>