Can my parents read through my common app?

I don’t actually start sending in college apps until this fall, since I’m still a junior at the moment, but I have been poking through the common app and looking at applications for colleges and filling them out now so I don’t have to do as much work later (also i just enjoy filling out applications, but that’s unrelated lol), and I realised a lot of colleges ask if I would like to identify with a specific sexual orientation, and I DO, because I am a lesbian and i identify with that so if given the chance I would prefer to have it on my application yknow? The only catch is I’m not out to my parents like, at all, and i quite honestly don’t plan on coming out to them anytime soon, so i’d hate it if i accidentally outed myself because they could actually see my applications and i didn’t know so i was wondering if they have any access to it?

Only if you give them the login info

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…and you don’t have to / most students don’t

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Don’t fill out apps now. They will reset in the summer and you’ll have to start over.

Just don’t give your parents the login.


Non-school-specific information filled out in the current app can be rolled over when next year’s app open. It’s been that way for years. My D22’s app is nearly complete, other than the essays/questions.

there’s still lots students can do to prepare for the upcoming application season!

  • Create a Common App account and learn how to roll over your account when the application launches on August 1

Is there something you have to do to get it to roll over? It definitely isn’t automatic.

Iirc, you just log in with your existing is/password after August 1 and answer a few questions.

Several YT videos on the topic, including:

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We reviewed are kids apps just for errors. Yes, there were some after them making sure their were not any.

My daughter came out to us about your age. Hint : we knew it already… :wink:.

Good luck.

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