Can not login my HP laptop any more!

I have changed the login password two days ago as Windows 10 asked me to do that. I do this each month. But this time, my new password is no longer accepted. I am sure it is the correct password. What should I do now? I have homework to be done before the weekend.

If you have forgotten your password (I know you said you know the password is correct) here are a few things to try.

  1. Try the old password
  2. Press the cap locks and try your new password, sometimes users forget and have their caps lock on when setting up new password.
  3. Are you using a Microsoft account or is this a local windows account? If it's Microsoft, you can try to reset it using other device.
  4. Last resort is to use the Windows sticky keys trick to get into Windows and set the admin password. The trick has gotten a bit more complicated over the years as MS had added additional securities layer to protect the system. You will need a Windows boot disk/usb drive for this

Do the forgot password button. It will walk you through to make a new password. Have your phone with you and do 2 step authentication. Set that up so when logging in you will get a text to your phone verifying it’s you and can unlock the email etc from there.(hold it that’s for email but once in do it.
If a college student take it to your IT department in school. At larger schools it’s the computer store on campus usually but university run.
You tube on this also.

@SJ8218 the old password is still invalid. I also make sure the caps lock is down.
@Knowsstuff it is a local password and the above link is for Microsoft account.
Appreciate for the input

STILL many things on you tube and with searching. If can’t do any of these then wipe your computer and do a fresh install. There are easy ways to get into other accounts if you lose your password but getting into your own computer is a bigger problem.
Once again go to the IT department of your school. They will have a flash drive that can get the password and unlock it. Bring your id and you might have to prove it’s your computer once unlocked.
You could call HP or look up how to use their recovery tool that is most likely imbeded in a partition on your computer. My college kids upload like everything to Google drive or the like. Especially school stuff. If you did that (you should in the future) then you can finish on any device or go to the library and use their computer to finish.
If your school doesn’t have an IT department (very unlikely) go to a computer store by you most can back up your computer to an external drive and then wipe your computer and reinstall your stuff. This will of course be the more expensive way of doing it and honestly it’s something you can do yourself… Look up before proceeding.

If it’s a local Windows account, use the Windows sticky keys trick. You will need a Windows boot or installation disk/media. There are other tools out there that can do something similar. The whole idea is to get into the Windows command prompt to set the admin password.

The last resort is to reset the computer but you will lose lose all the content. Forgotten windows password is not very difficult to bypass. If you were locked out due to encryption, that’s a totally different ball game.

Why is a correct password not recognized?Who else know this login password?Or who has used this laptop?

No one has access to the laptop

Okay,about login issues for Windows 10 laptop/computer,it is best to ask it:
As the login password can be removed and you can bypass the login screen on your hp laptop.
Or make a new Windows 10 bootable disk to reset the password.

Since i last fixed the password problem,i have created a new password for my laptop,in a way,it will solve the password problem better.

If you’re talking about your Windows user account password, you can reset it by putting Hiren’s BootCD PE or Passcue on a USB Flash Drive or DVD. Instructions to copy the software to a USB Flash Drive is located on the “USB Booting” page. If you go to the “HOWTOs” page, it will tell you how to reset the Windows password using the software.

and more other freeware like ntpassword, ophcrack.