Can Piano be a hook(not piano major)?/1st place SCMTA

<p>Now, I hate to tell you, I do not have any athletic hook or talent to play in D1 sports.
I am first place winner in SCMTA (South Carolina Music Teacher Association), which is competition for piano major, but obviously I am not the piano major.
Can piano be a hook for top schools</p>

<p>My major strength is academic. I am top 0.9% in my high school (class rank)</p>

<p>So lets say you are valedictorian out of 100 students, that makes top 1%.
If you are valedictorain out of 200 students, that makes top 0.5 %. haha (division...)</p>

<p>Can music be a hook? I spend tremendous time on music but I feel like college like athletic students (obviously because they have D1 sports) but did they like musically talented students?</p>

<p>I am also considering MTNA (Music Teacher National Association) which is national competition.</p>

<p>You put the same thread in HSL, and I can assume in several other forums as well. Stop fishing for compliments, and no, it's not a hook.</p>

<p>A hook is usually one of the following: RECRUITED athlete, Underrepresented Minority (Black/Hispanic/Native American), Legacy (and that's more of a minor hook these days), and First Generation College Applicant. </p>

<p>I'm sorry to say that winning a piano competition is not a hook. Neither is being captain of your school's volley ball team (just another example). </p>

<p>Now, these piano awards will look strong on your application, but they don't necessarily give you an advantage in the admissions process, as does the above hooks.</p>