Can plagiarism keep me out of college

I was recently abused of plagiarizing in one of my college classes. I have a bachelor’s and went back to community college afterwards.
I analyzed a story and apparently my professor thinks it is plagiarized from some weird site I van tv remember the name of. Schloop or something like that. Anyways I appealed the zero and am now having to meet with the dean because my teacher doesn’t think I was smart enough to do it I guess? I’ve run it through multiple detectors and had multiple people analyze it side by side to the website I supposedly used. No one thinks it makes since. I didn’t plagiarized and never have felt the need to. I just don’t know how to defend myself. I’m worried ill have this zero on my transcript for plagiarism. I’m applying to a university for fall and am worried this will keep me from getting in. Does anyone know how this will affect my admission?

Take responsibility and show remorse for your actions. Colleges know kids aren’t perfect. You need to calm down and reflect on what happened. Talk to your counselor to see what you can do to remedy it. I’m sure it may affect some college’s decisions, but remorseful people who actuall show that they’ve learned from their mistakes go very far in life. Cheers.

Tell the dean what you’ve said here. Maybe bring a printout of the website and your paper so they can compare. Hopefully they will agree with you that the charge doesn’t make sense.