Can presidential academic scholarship award be taken out?

My son got admission with 24K presidential academic scholarship award per year…But now, his GWEB is not showing it and the bill says we have to pay it in full? Is anyone having the same problem? Can colleges revoke presidential academic scholarship award??

Initially the bill had the award in calculation… I paid part of it from 529 plan and checked back yesterday… His award was taken out from the system… and the figure showed a huge amount without taking award into calculation

I would definitely check with the school. It sounds like someone probably goofed up.

Typically merit awards have minimum GPAs that need to be maintained to keep the award for future semesters or future years. However, it sounds like this was not the problem here.

We had one case where the school forget to deduct a merit based award from our bill. I did not notice because the award was small. They noticed the error and a semester later our bill was very small because they deducted the award from the previous semester as well as the award from the current semester.

However, if the award is large enough to make a difference they should be able to correct it.

Thank you…He is just joining GWU in the fall… Doesnt even have any calculated GPA yet… We accepted the offer only after looking at the award…

Will payment from 529 plan block him from getting the award?

Did he go into his account and accept the awards? I know that for my son’s school we had to go into the award overview and actually accept the awards.

I dont think he did… But how did the first bill included the award in calculation… If he has made a mistake, can we accept it now? Will they allow us?

You could go into his online student account this weekend and look around to see what you can figure out, if you don’t find any answers then just call them Monday. Every school’s policies seem to be different, some have deadlines to accept. I don’t think anyone here can say for sure unless they are familiar with your school’s procedures. The best thing would be to call Monday, but until then you could go in and see if you see an option to accept.

On my son’s it was under award overview, not the actual bill.

Award overview says - No award information is available for you at this time, please contact your financial aid office if you have questions.

Will payment from 529 plan block him from getting the award?


@nejaabra, I know dealing with these things on the weekend is frustrating, but nobody here will be able to give you more than you have already gotten- it looks like a mistake on GWU’s part- and that has to be fixed by them. Scratch the itch over the weekend by pulling up the original award letter and seeing if there is anything in it you missed, but otherwise, put it aside until Monday!

this happened to everyone. They are recalculating the other aspects of everyones financial aid due to the COA changing, and in doing this they temporarily removed the merit awards as well. It will be placed back. I heard by tomorrow 8/11.