Can research experience and LoR offset questionable grades?

<p>Hi--sorry for post length in advance.;</p>

<p>I'm currently a Microbiology major with that will be a rising junior (?)* at Miami University this upcoming fall. I've been doing research since last summer when I was a freshman at a cc (the research was done at Case Western Reserve University, though) and I'm still doing it presently. At Miami, I already have a research internship lined up with one of the professors there as well and I'd like to return to the lab at Case during my summers at home.</p>

<p>For whatever reason, I struggled with Gen Chem I this past semester and I received a C -- my first and only (hopefully because my scholarships depend on it). I'll be taking Gen Chem II this fall and needless to say, I'm concerned with how I'll do in this class as well. Perhaps it'll go smoother because it's not a 8 hour Saturday class. Yeah, it was a HUGE mistake, but it was an off semester so my options were limited from jump.</p>

<p>Assuming I do better than a C in Gen Chem II and my Organic Chemistry classes (took an intro to Ochem class which admittedly is not the same, but the material still clicked better than it did with gen chem partially because of things like models where you can see clear representations of things that I didn't have with Gen Chem I), and do well in my major courses, how bad will that C look when I apply to pharmacology programs?</p>

<p>The kicker is, though, that I was originally interning at a Chemistry lab at Case but then the project shifted and I've been doing more microbiology/molecular biology that really turned my interest from Chemistry to Biology.</p>

<p>I haven't taken the GRE yet because I haven't taken many of my major courses due to there not being any equivalences between my CC and Miami in microbiology. I'll be pursuing a dual degree at MU with an AB in micro and a Bsc in Clinical Lab Science, if that makes any difference. And I know I'll be able to get good letters of LoRs from professors and my PI.</p>


<p>*I've only been in college a year, but I think I have about 63 credits from a CC before I transferred. Or something close to it so I always have to think for a second whether or not I'm a sophomore or a junior because it's only been a year, but I have a lot of credits from this past year. Lol. It's confusing going from the HS way of doing things to where it's all credit based, regardless of how long you've been in school. (Not one of my brightest moments.)</p>

<p>A single C in an intro class won’t hold you back as long as your grades are strong in the upper-level courses. When I read “questionable grades” in the title, I was expecting 3 year’s worth of Cs.</p>