Can S7 + S8 GPA's drop final award?

The Arizona Award is based on S6 grades + ACT/SAT. If DD has 4.0 at S6, and it were to slip with 1 B to <4.0 in S7 or S8, would that mean $35,000 drops to $30,000 after final S8 grades are submitted? (hopefully will not be an issue but good to know ahead of time)

Wow, I never even thought of that possibility but now that you bring it up I’m curious what the answer is. If you get an official answer from the school will you post? Hoping it’s not an issue but with senioritis you never know!

Everything I’ve seen says it is based on the S6 grades with no indication of a decreased award if their grades slip in senior year.

Good question… did you find a conclusive answer yet?