Can Somebody Help Me Already So I Can Stop

<p>Hey guys!
I'm a soph. and I have way too many choices for what to do over my summer to build me up for college acceptances/ and to be a better person. I don't know if that makes too much sense.</p>

<p>I would love any suggestions on what to do....
I want to start acting....take serious acting classes because I'm in the drama club in my school and i'm always being recommended so I want to do it.
I can take acting classes at
Place number 1- 800 dollars for session ...2800 for summer July 7- august 8
Place number 2- not as strong as place number 1- this is more of just a prep you take before you audition for something- session 200 bucks....summer course june 20th to august 8</p>

<p>I also want to take classes at Columbia at the end of junior year....and college classes at a local comm. college over this summer (math class so i can skip one year of math)..</p>

<p>the problem is that taking the comm college class will block me from taking the summer acting program for place number 1 because i was going to take spring session from them.....i want this to be really serious and i want to be dedicated to one if i don't take the summer acting program i'll have to do it next summer....the problem is though i don't want there just to be a huge gap from finishing spring session to summer program next year i want to do another session....but its so costly (however i can manage if this is the best thign to do)
and then i have plan b
instead of taking the acting course from place num 1 ill go to numb 2...except i wont be able to do the summer program for them next year because of columbia....but their sessons are cheaper so i can take 3 of them over the years but theyre not as strong as the other</p>

<p>so what should i do? i really want the acting to be serious not just something im doing just to cutt time</p>

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<p>lol, Sanjiva Dayal</p>

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