Can somebody tell me more about NEC?

<p>It seems no one ever comes to this thread for NEC..or are there any?
Can some one tell me more about NEC?</p>

<p>We visited NEC - it's a safety for my daughter. The town is charming and the college is only a little over an hour from Boston in a gorgeous part of New Hampshire. No one posts here about it because it's not a top tier school. However, having visited lots of colleges at every level I was really, really impressed with the passion of the teachers here. The facilities are modest, again if you want a small liberal arts college w/ teachers who will light a fire under your fanny, keep looking at this school. Hidden gem, IMO...</p>

<p>I am a student from NEC. I am a psychology major. And NEC has a small very very good psychology department, I love every one of my professor. This is the best part of this school. But i'd say if you dont have a car you'd be very much stuck here. It is a very small town where there is not a lot to do. Food was horrible here but getting better and better each semester. Dorms are limited, you can almost never get a single. But if you enjoy small communities, you might like here, come and visit, you will see more. </p>

<p>I would say NEC might be boring to stay for all four years. Anyways, I might be transferring out next year.</p>