Can somebody walk through this question with me?


I think the right answer is A.

7.5 / .45 = 16.666, or 16 max folders per drawer

100 is 6 drawers of 16 folders with 4 left over, 4*.45 = 1.8

I am sure there is a quicker way to a solution, assuming my answer is even correct, but maybe this will help you somehow

  1. if each drawer can only hold 7.5 inches of the folders, 7.5/0.45 = 16.6666. round this down to 16 because you can’t place 0.67 of a folder in a drawer. from this you know that each drawer can take 16 folders
  2. to find how many drawers will be completely filled, 100/16 = 6.25. this means 0.25 of the last drawer will be filled.
  3. from step 1 you learned that each drawer can fill 16 folders. 0.25*16 = 4. the last drawer will have 4 folders.
  4. each folder is 0.45 inches thick. 0.45*4 = 1.8. the combined thickness of the partially filled drawer is 1.8 inches.
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Yeah, I see it now, thanks a lot guys!

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Just for reference, the ACT Reddit forum is the best place to ask these types of questions. Dozens are asked every day with many responses within hours.

It’s pretty rare on CC.