Can someone chance me at Yale?

So I recently submitted my application for early action at Yale and I’m awaiting my admissions decision. The decisions come out December 15th, but the closer and closer it gets the more anxiety I have and the more I’m starting to seriously question my chances. Could someone tell me if they think I’ll get in?
the acceptance rate for early action at Yale is 13.8%…ish

Not that it should make a difference (but knowing that in college admissions it will) I am a black, Mexican and white mixed female from a middle class family with a single mom and one sibling in college.

Here are my stats (they’re not the best):

Test Scores:

  • I didn’t take nor turn in scores from the SAT or ACT because of COVID being really bad in my area (so testing hasn’t been available).
  • I’ve taken 5 AP tests, and I plan to take three more this year (also my school offers a lot of AP classes):
    • U.S. History: 5
    • Physics I: 4
    • Language and Composition: 4
    • World History: 4
    • Spanish Language and Composition: 3
    • Calculus AB: taking this year
    • Chemistry I: taking this year
    • Environmental Science: taking this year


  • All As
  • All honors and AP classes with the exception of volleyball and a training program that will allow me to become a certified pharmacy technician by the end of this school year
  • GPA: 6.800/7
  • Class rank: 14/695


  • HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America): President
  • Varsity Volleyball: Co-Captain
  • As I mentioned before, working at a pharmacy to become a pharm. tech.
  • Key Club: Webmaster
  • NHS, English NHS, Science NHS, Social Studies NHS, Spanish NHS
  • Student Council
  • Tutoring in Algebra, Geometry and Pre-Calculus

Volunteering (I’ve done much more but these are the main ones):

  • 48 hour volunteer program working at a hospital in the emergency room
  • teaching small classrooms of academically struggling students (elementary school)

Things a little bit more specific to me/passion driven:

  • shadowing and interviewing health care professionals such as
    • music therapist
    • dance therapist
    • art therapist
    • animal therapist
    • anesthesiologist
    • RN
    • radiologist
  • interviewing medical professionals in transgender health care such as
    • transgender surgeons (specializing in feminization surgery)
    • transgender surgeons (specializing in masculinization surgery)
    • psychologists specializing in transgender care
    • endocrinologist specializing in hormone therapy for transgender patients
  • social media presence with a small following of 5,000
    • I talk about mental health and self love as well as organization/living a healthier lifestyle


  • 1st place area HOSA competition
  • Top 3 Texas State HOSA competition (specific places weren’t given due to COVID problems) and advancement to international competition
  • WHAP gold medal at my school (highest grade in all of the whap classes)
  • many other awards similar to the one above


I’d say that I’m a pretty good writer.

  • My personal statement was about my racial struggles that stemmed from generational problems with my family’s women and I was really proud of that essay.
  • My essay about a topic that interests me was about my research on transgender medicine.
    • the topic itself was interesting, but the essay itself was not my best work
  • I also wrote about finding and contributing to a community online

Letters of Recc.

  • one was from a current events teacher that I absolutely adore. I know he wrote me a REALLY good letter
  • the other was from my ap physics teacher. We’re not as close, but despite what my ap score says, I was pretty good at physics and I think he can attest to my critical thinking skills and engagement in science/my schoolwork.

I’m afraid that I just blend in too much. Everyone applying to schools like Yale will have better/the same academic stats as me (especially when it comes to those ap scores) and have done research about something they’re passionate about. I tried to make my essays as genuine and unique to me as possible but I’m afraid that they’ll just see me as another candidate. What do y’all think? HELP

I think it’s very hard to say as most students applying to Yale are top 1% of their class with a large number of valedictorians. All test well, take large numbers of AP classes. I believe you have to do something that makes you rise above all the students looking the same (academically driven). You have excellent credentials but let’s face it. Everyone applying to Yale is exceptional academically. What you’ve done with your interviewing and transgender work may be a “stand out” quality, but it may not. Who really ever knows. I have a student who is valedictorian, 13 APs with all 5’s, 35 ACT at a very competitive high school. She is just as concerned as you. Best of luck! Wherever you land will be a perfect fit.

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Oh my god you are so much smarter than me haha! I think you really got it going for you but you have to understand that this year is very different than before: covid, racial lawsuits, yale expanding class sizes, and less money to give so i think you need to be more open minded on how things work. the bad thing is that you dont have test scores and no matter what they say “optional” doesnt really mean optional. I think your grades make up for it but thats the only thing that is like ahhh

best of luck for the 16th (they moved it ugghhh)


I think you have a great resume👍🏼 As for my thoughts on admissions. My class rank is 9 and I don’t think I would be good enough for Yale. Also another thing to consider I know a lot of schools are saying that applicants that choose NOT to submit an SAT/ACT scores will get “equal consideration” as those that do, are lying. I think Schools DO want them. What I did when I applied is I went to the College Board website and sent over all my AP scores from sophomore and junior year. I got 4s and 5s on them that way they would have some official scores. Anyway I wish you luck with everything you’re a rockstar😊

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Thank you for the honesty! And I’m sure I’m not bahaha but I agree on the test scores which is another reason I’m freaking out. I know my chances are already extremely slim either way haha. Good luck though! Let me know after you get your decision back :slight_smile:

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Thank you! And you should apply! You never know :slight_smile:

Hi, I am a current Junior in High School and I would like to know my chances of getting into one of the competitive Elite Colleges.

GPA: 4.6
Class Rank: Top 5%, close to valedictorian and salutatorian,
Test Scores: Haven’t taken them yet - aiming for 1500+
College Classes: Micro Econ, International Relations, Computer Science, soon to be General Chemistry
Taking AP Calc AB, AP Physics 1 - this year
Programming: I know the basics of C++, learning Swift and maybe Python - 3 years on/off, 1.5 years consistent
I have done a 1 week Work Experience for the Royal College of Nursing in London - Summer into my Sophomore Year
Member of NHS and CSF for 3 years
I did a 2 week Virtual internship at the Quest Research Institutes of Technology studying Covid-19 Data using C++ - summer into my Junior Year
Founder and President of the SAT Preparatory Club at my School - this year
Founder/Secretary of the Academic Decathlon Club - this year
Treasurer of the Model UN Club - this year
Part of my school’s School Site Council this year
Thinking of starting a Pre-med Club and College Success club at my school as well as a community center if possible at my school, not just for college apps though, I really do care
On the Development Committee for my region of the California Association of Student Councils - Summer into my Junior Year
I have an internship lined up with a biochemistry professor at UC Davis
Girls Who Code - 2 years, even though I am a male due to a small turn out they allowed some men in the program

Would I have a good chance of getting in with these extracurriculars and grades?
If not please advise me what I can due to fix my situation

The current major I want to focus in is Biochemistry or Bioengineering, Medical Field.