Can someone chance me for Brown University?

I’m a rising sophomore at the top private school in my region. I have an average unweighted GPA or around 3.9 and a weighted GPA of 4.2. I only took 3 honors classes in my freshman year but for the next 3 years I will take at least 5 honors/AP courses, and I should complete 8-10 APs by the end of my senior year based on my current course plan. I am also an honor roll student and qualify for Spanish Honors Society and National Honors Society.


  • State Honors for Vocal Music
  • Musical Theatre
  • Dance / Choreography
  • Show Choir
  • Traditional Choir
  • Certificate in Vocal Music from school and outside of school
  • Photography / Photography Portfolio
  • Medical doctor mentorship program
  • Internship with PhD student researcher (I plan to continue doing future internships in STEM)
  • Started a nonprofit to raise funds for coronavirus relief
  • Wrote a research paper on genetics
  • I am going to present my research at a statewide science fair


  • Medical Club
  • GSA

I am really set on attending Brown University and would like to know what people think my chances would be if I applied early decision?

I am also interested in liberal arts colleges like Bowdoin/Swarthmore/Pomona, so if you could also tell me what my chances for those school that would be great?

Your stats look great. However, do not apply ED to Brown because brown EXPLICITLY STATES that applying ED DOES NOT increase your chances. They would admit you ED if you would be admitted during regular decision. So there is NO point applying ED just to be in a binding contract.

You will likely get into many schools so you should do regular decision so you can pick your options.

The LACs you mentioned are great.

I’m an incoming First-Year at Brown (Class of 2024,) but my advice should still apply to you in a few years once you apply to college.

The answer to your question is: IT DEPENDS! Like many other colleges, Brown’s looking to see if you’re able to consistently challenge yourself in high school (through courses, extracurricular activities etc.) and succeed. I had similar grades to you as a freshman, and if you’re able to maintain your grades/course difficulties throughout high school, Brown will look upon that favorably.

However, I’ve learnt throughout this college admissions process that Brown (and other similar schools) utilize grades/test scores/courses as a way to assess your capability to handle the curriculum at their school, and once Admissions is certain of this, they look to the other parts of your application (essays, interview, letters of recommendation etc.) to get a feel for how you would fit into the freshmen class as a whole. In Brown’s case in particular, the Admissions Office is looking to see how you would take advantage of Brown’s resources and the Open Curriculum (through your essays as well as by how you’ve taken advantage of your own school’s resources,) but also what you would go on from Brown to do and whether the school would be proud to call you its future alumni.

As a sophomore, you definitely have time before college admissions begins. At this point, I would recommend that you continue to research colleges to find ones that you’re interested in, but most importantly, continue the extracurricular activities that you enjoy the most, put a lot of effort in them, and make sure to continue giving your schoolwork your 110%.

Once you are in the process of applying to college, I highly recommend that you apply to Brown ED if you LOVE Brown and would 110% attend if admitted, can present an amazing application by the early decision deadline of November 1st, and you and your family can afford Brown (make sure to run the financial aid calculators in the few months before you apply to college, as its based on the most recent few years of income/tax data.)

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions in the future!