Can someone chance me for UC Berkeley Haas transfer?

Can someone chance me please? (CCC transfer)

Major: Business Administration (Haas)
GPA: 4.0
Major GPA: 4.0

President of Student Government (Fall 2015-Spring 2016)
Senator of Student Government (Spring 2015)
Summer Marketing Volunteer at a pretty well known nonprofit
Business Development assistant in a not so well known startup in Silicon Valley
Will be joining PTK in Fall and hopefully get an executive position

Pre Reqs: All done by Fall 2015 besides Calc 2 which I will take spring 2016
I will also have the 7 course breadth requirement finished by spring even though it is not required
In honors program, will have honors certificate in Spring 2016

Personal statements/essays: have not started yet but I will hopefully be starting soon

I am mainly worried because I will not have my Calc 2 (Calc 16b) finished before applying. Any thoughts?


Not too bad. You are good on the Calc, a lot of us will still have it IP during Spring. Honestly I feel you are competitive but lack any real edge. Unless you omitted something, your app looks like you didnt do anything F14 you were a senator S15 and then only starting next fall will your application begin to sound impressive with your Prez and PTK gigs.

Im applying next fall too, best of luck and keep in touch.

@mikesauce cool, yeah I did omit some things like volunteering as a public library assistant for 40+ hours fall 2014 but I see what you’re saying. I noticed you’re stats too on one of your postings and its pretty interesting because we have a slightly similar resume student government/ptk wise (I was also chosen to chair on a hiring committee for a high up job position in our college). Have you started your essays yet?

Yeah I omitted some volunteer work too since thats pretty easy to copy, also only included stuff that Ive already done. What I meant by edge is something that kind of pops out, like you and I have similar stats just like every other competitive applicant will, but the best applicants will have that pop factor.

I have started my essays and I feel they resonate well with my “pop factor”. I would share but there are some plagiarizers out there lol The best advice Ive received has been to just tell my story honestly. Applying for scholarships was also excellent practice since the pressure of the rest of my life was not on the line :slight_smile: If you havent started I would recommend you try those two things to get a good foundation/framework for November.

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@Iwillbeahaashole did you end up getting accepted?