Can someone chance me?

SAT2: World history-640 US history-700
AP: World History(4) USH(3) Human Geography(3) English Lang(3)
SEnior year classes: AP environmental science, AP literature, H Photography, H Spanish 3, H Italian 1. Taking AP french outside of school.
Academic awards: AP scholar, winner of Marshall Brief project at Yale Ivy Scholars Program
4 years varsity water polo(2 year captain, all-conference 10th and 11th grade)
Olympic development team(2 years)
Men's masters team(3 years)
3 years manager of boys swim team
Founder and teacher of saturday program to teach under privledged kids about foreign cultures
Water polo coach to underprivledged kids at YMCA
Blogger for huffington post
Writer for Chicago Tribune
Adult french classes
Adult Spanish classes
Exchange program to Guatemala
Exchange program to Costa Rica
Yale Ivy Scholars Program
Essays: Very good, read by people at Northwestern
Connections: One brother attends Princeton, another attends Yale, letter of rec from former professor
Ethnicity: African American
Gender: Female</p>

<p>GPA and rank?</p>

<p>My school does not rank at all. My unweighted gpa is around a 3.83 on a 4 point scale weighted is 4.62</p>

<p>Compare yourself to your brothers because that would be the best evaluation.</p>