Can Someone Evaluate my Fit at Brown?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been on this hardcore college search for a while now, and when I came across Brown I was really happy. I feel like it’s a perfect match, but I need some more eyes on the situation before I make that assertion. I’ll try to as brief as possible here.

-Fully online student
-International (Canadian), School is American
-Straight As in APs, near 4.0 UW.
-33 ACT. Planning to take Math 1, and Literature SAT 2.
-Behavioral Decision Sciences OR Business Entrepreneurship Operations.
-Recs should be quite good and speak primarily to my kindness and inquisitiveness-- I’ve shared around a hundred emails with my teachers discussing topics outside of my classes.
-Full pay

I will likely apply ED because I fell in love with the open curriculum, the courses, and entrepreneurial opportunities (and more, of course!)

ECs aren’t any awards or anything like that. Just simple stuff like putting in a total of four docks in 50-degree water twice a year for my elderly neighbors. I have a bunch of stuff like this (although, the dock thing is probably my best), given that I live in a really remote cottage that is shared by four families. A constant sense of community here, lots of work to go around.
-Currently finishing grade 11

Backstory: (important)
I only finished four pass-or-fail courses in three years of homeschooling with my mom (made up my Grade 9). After these three years, most people expected me to drop out and live off of my fairly wealthy family-- they could provide me with a house, car, and generally good lifestyle throughout my life. I didn’t want that. I enrolled for grade 10 at a new, online (not homeschool) school in hopes that I could push myself and graduate.

I soon realized that my grades were really good and I was very good at self-learning. For the next three years of my online school (grade 10-12), I would do pretty much everything by myself. I picked all my courses, I set my schedule, I worked by myself, I studied for the ACT and got a 33, I worked my way to a near 4.0 and 5.0 GPA, I picked the hardest courses, did summer school to help catch up, figured out how college admissions work across the border, all while working in less-than-ideal, often distracting or restricting locations.

I think I can summarize this by saying that I didn’t have any expectations apart from dropping out, but I pushed myself through school when I had plenty of other options. I worked because I wanted to make myself proud and excel. I really dug into my academics and transformed from a bum living off of daddy’s money to a prospective top student, all because I really enjoyed my courses and wanted to excel.

When I heard about Brown’s open curriculum, I thought it was made for me. I think I could really take advantage of this system, and I think I have proven that I wouldn’t slack off or abuse the system.

On top of all of this, entrepreneurship, psychology, technology, business, investing, and betting are all of my biggest interests (pursued these classes and had extremely high grades during school, but not much to show for outside of it), so I would love to be in an environment like Brown and take a ‘Behavioral Decision Sciences’ course.

Thank you, so much, everyone!!!

Oh and here are my courses, if anyone wants to see. I’m definitely a late bloomer :wink:

Grade 9 (3 years to complete; homeschooled)
P/F Social Studies, English, Math, Science, and Health

Grade 10 (started at the new; online school; near 4.0 GPA)-
World History, World Literature, Geometry, Biology, 4 electives, Dropped Spanish (realized that I would never need Spanish and would prefer to take French)

Grade 11 (same online school, realized I had potential; straight As in everything)-
AP Psych, AP English Lang and Comp, Honors Alg2, Chemistry, AP CSP, Dropped French (ASL was released and I wanted to take that over my summer and senior year because I have a deaf extended-family member whom I am close to. Didn’t make sense to take French 1 and stop there)

Summer School (same online school; this coming summer)-
ASL 1, Honors PreCalc

Grade 12 (same online school; open to suggestions)-
AP Economics (both), AP English Lit and Comp, Honors Physics (can’t take AP), Arts, ASL 2, AP Computer Science A