Can someone explain classes with multiple listings to me?

<p>e.g. UCB</a> Online Schedule of Classes: Search Results</p>

<p>The same class is listed three times, and all three listings have different numbers of people enrolled/waitlisted...What is the difference, and which CCN should I use if I wanted to enroll in the course?</p>

<p>The class is a cross-listed class, so it can be taken for credit in three different majors/areas. It does not matter which CCN you use, as far as I know. The Berkeley Schedule of Classes isn't always entirely up to date, so just go with what Telebears tells you (if Telebears says it's full, then it's full).</p>

<p>The Berkeley Schedule of Classes has a link at the bottom of each listing for current enrollment and course restrictions. That is actually a link to telebears to get the actual real time status. Don't log onto telebears just to check, because there is a finite number of accesses allowed before you get locked out. </p>

<p>You can use any of the multiple names for the same cross listed class, but the one you choose is what you will have recorded on your transcript at the end of the semester. If it makes a difference to you, for example because you can't use the same department to satisfy more than two of the seven L&S breadths, or to have another class that is out of your major department, then you pick the specific one. Otherwise, go with the course name that gives you the ability to register in the sections you want.</p>