Can someone explain supplemental essay?

<p>Can someone explain what we have to write for the Haverford essay in the supplement?</p>

<p>Think twice about wanting to go there.
Haverford is a very weird place. This year they are having problems with students leaving anonymous racial slurs in very public places (log on to their newspaper, it is all public info).
And one dorm is plagued by the problem of someone or some people smearing feces all over the place.
It is an uptight, very boring, very homogeneous school. Not a lot of diversity, and not a lot to do out there in those suburbs. The students very rarely take advantage of Philadelphia. Think hard about deciding to go there.</p>

<p>Well you're too late for the current admissions cycle. If you're applying next year then the supplement might change.</p>

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<p>pear4Evr, do kindly go away. You have made it clear on several posts that you are not fond of Haverford already.</p>