Can someone explain the meal plans to me?


<p>Best Value - Save an additional 10% when you purchase a plan for the year.</p>

<p>250 meals/$100 Dining Dollars Plan
$1,841 / semester
$3,309 / academic year (both semesters)
200 meals/$125 Dining Dollars Plan
$1,542 / semester
$2,772 / academic year (both semesters)</p>

<p>150 meals/$150 Dining Dollars Plan
$1,288 / semester
30 meals/$800 Dining Dollars Plan
$1,109 / semester
30 meals/$600 Dining Dollars Plan
$890 / semester
30 meals/$400 Dining Dollars Plan
$680 / semester</p>

<p>---I live off campus and was interested in which one will be the best option for me? I will have looong days on campus ... and the last meal plan, is that 30 meals a week or a semester? Im so confused..</p>

<p>Those are all per semester. I would look on a map and see where you will be in relationship to the two dining halls and decide if you will want to go there to eat a "full" meal. In the alternative, you can use a meal credit for the "Maroon plate special" at various eating locations (some are in the commons). The Dining Dollars are for those who may not want a full cafeteria meal but would rather pick up something at the various on campus eating places. The listing, and much more info, is at Meal</a> Plans: Dining Services </p>

<p>Be aware that you basically need to use whatever you buy in the semester. You can convert meal credits into dining dollars at $3.00 (a money loser) and you can only carry forward $100 worth of dining dollars to the spring as long as you renew a meal contract. Otherwise, everything else is forfeited. As a result, I would suggest that you go for the 30 meal & $400 option. It is the lowest plan and you can always add to it throughout the semester.</p>

<p>I went with the cheapest option 30 meals/$400 Dining Dollars each semester and still didn't use up all my plan. LIke Davidb4775 already said, you can always add more meals/Dining dollars if you run out. At least you won't have to buy loads of stuff at the end the semester when you find out you still have like 50 Meals left lol.</p>

<p>If you live in the South of the Campus can you still buy/eat in North Dining Areas?</p>

<p>Thanks u guys! I think i will go with that one. Can I sign up for it during orientation? It no wait list or anything like the dorms is it?</p>

<p>AndresM - Yes, you can use your Meal plans/Dining dollars anywhere on campus.</p>

<p>nbeezy - I think you can sign up for a meal plan right now. Department</a> of Dining Services at Texas A&M University
They'll add it to your tuition bill.</p>