Can someone explain this email?

<p>So, I am applying to Stanny through QuestBridge (still had to put RD as the option on the common app). I need help understanding this email, I THINK it means they have everything they just haven't processed it yet. I just want to be sure so I don't have to call/email them about anything "missing."</p>

<p>We have listed the status of your required Regular Decision application
materials below. Please understand that given the extraordinary volume of mail
we receive, it will take two to three weeks for us to process and file all of
the materials. If you see that an item you have sent has not yet been processed,
it is early yet, so please return to <a href=""&gt;;/a> after December
15 to request this information again, as we are currently processing Early
Action applications.</p>

<p>If your application fee is missing, either submit your payment online through
your Common Application account or mail a check for $90 or a fee waiver request
signed by your counselor to our office as soon as possible.</p>

<p>If there are no items listed under "Credentials Not Yet Processed," we have
everything we need in order to evaluate your application. We do not track
materials that are not required, so we will not be able to give you the status
of any optional items sent.</p>

<p>Kristine McGinty, Credentials Manager
Stanford University
Office of Undergraduate Admission
Montag Hall, 355 Galvez Street
Stanford, CA 94305-6106</p>

<p>Credentials Not Yet Processed:</p>



<p>That's just a checklist of what parts of your app Stanford's processed by now. If you haven't sent any of the things in the "Credentials Not Yet Processed" section, do that. If you have, just be patient, as they'll be processed soon enough.</p>

<p>Just check up on that once a day. Don't email or call them so soon until their deadline since they may already have your materials but they may not have processed everything yet.</p>

<p>I should wait until the 15th or around that time than. Thanks bros.</p>