Can someone from Pennsylvania help me with their State Grant Program?

<p>So on January 1 I filed my FAFSA and two days later it said on the website that it was processed. However, I would also like to apply for PA's State Grant Program. It says on PHEAA's website that they will send me an email after I file a FAFSA, "directing me" to the Pennsylvania State Grant Form on Account Access.
I have received no such email.
I am not even completely sure how to go about applying for a state grant.
Am I missing something here or did I forget something?</p>

<p>If someone could help me that would be great.</p>

<p>here you go</p>

<p>[PHEAA</a> - Complete the PA State Grant Form](<a href=“]PHEAA”></p>

<p>I’m not from PA, but NY’s state grant program does the same thing. That email doesn’t come for at least 3 weeks and it seems like that’s how long it takes for the state to get the info downloaded from the FAFSA filing. The good news is that there’s really no rush to get the state app in, as the deadline is much later, so I don’t file it for my kids until the taxes are actually done (amending the state app is a pain)…check to see what PA’s deadline is though!</p>

<p>Thanks for the link, but after I click on “submit your PA State Grant form online” and sign in it just tells me that “We do not have any record of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).”</p>

<p>Guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer…
My mom keeps bothering me about it. -_- I would also like to just get it over with. And the deadline is May 1 but I’ll have to apply way before then because the financial aid I get from each school depends on what type of aid packages they give, so May 1 would be way too late to apply, right?</p>

<p>Yes, the states don’t seem to transfer the FAFSA info very quickly. You will want to do it before May, certainly, but if your folks are planning to file their taxes in early Feb that’s probably soon enough to apply for your state grants. It is in NY anyway, but you might try having your folks ask other parents of college-aged PA kids or follow whatever guidance the PA state schools have on their website.</p>