Can someone help explain this decision message

DD applied as marketing and international business. Neither of which she had her heart set on but for some reason she thought she had to choose “something”. She finally heard from them tonight and this is what it said. Can I get your thoughts on 1) if she chooses something else from the list I am safe to assume that list is majors she would qualify for so would that mean she’d get in? 2) it says to choose by March 21. Does that mean she won’t hear back until March now? She has gotten into Temple Fox School of Business as well as a direct admit to 4 other schools as a direct admit to their business program.

“ On behalf of the Admissions Committee, thank you for your interest in the University of Delaware. In reviewing your application, we find that you meet the academic qualifications for many of the majors at the University, though at this time we cannot offer you admission to the major of marketing.

We believe your talents and achievements have prepared you to succeed at the University of Delaware, and we wish to offer you the opportunity to select another major for which you have been pre-qualified. Complete the alternate major selection form on your My Blue Hen Home portal. You may also use this form to formally turn down the offer to select another major at UD.

Please complete the form by Sunday, March 21, 2021.

So is this essentially a deferral? It’s not a no, which is good! Hard to tell if they would let you know a firm decision before March or not. That’s a good question for your daughter’s admissions counselor. Let us know!

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The drop down list of “prequalified” majors had about 100 or more majors. Not International business or marketing but a ton. She selected undeclared which she was gonna do from the start and didn’t. After she did that a message Popped up that she’d hear back within the coming weeks.


I don’t know the answer to this for sure but I think “pre-qualified” means she is qualified and will be admitted to the other majors on the drop down menu. I think they would say something like “If you would like to be considered for admission to one of these other majors please choose from this menu” if they were still deciding whether to admit her. Again, I’m guessing but it sounds good. (our kids are applying for several of the same schools. Del, PSU and we are still waiting on Temple!)

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Seems pretty clear that they will accept her for any of the majors on the drop-down list. She’s in! Congrats.


Choose another major and she’s in.

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Yes mine hasn’t heard from PSU but did hear from temple!

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Crazy part is there were majors in the drop down that seemed liked they’d be significantly harder to get into like pre-vet medicine!

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Definately an acceptance ! Congrats. Choose the best major and see what happens.

The available majors are basically a capacity versus applicants game. Marketing must be very over enrolled.

She’s in! Only took a week too which is such a relief!


I would have played hardball and said marketing major or we’re attending elsewhere! (kidding)


That’s great news!! I had the same letter and was wondering if I got admitted or not.
This was so helpful, thank you!

I got that decision from them too but for nutrition and dietetics. They allowed me to fill out the alternate major selection form and I chose the other nutrition major. I got the first decision back November 18th and haven’t heard back yet.

This thread is so old. But this was my high school 2021 grad. She did get in a week later but got into university of South Carolina direct admit to their business school and with merit. She committed to there and is living her best life. Although she did switch her major lol