Can someone help me understand the costs of Drexel with Co-op?

Let’s say you took four quarters at Drexel and lived on campus, and had no scholarships. Your total cost is 72k

Let’s say you do 6 months classes and 6 months co-op-and you lived in the dorms. Let’s assume for now the co-op is unpaid.

Would your cost then be about 26k for tuition plus 15k for room and board for a total of 41k for the year?

And then, if you were lucky enough to get a paid co-op that would even pay some of your room and board, it would be even less.

Is this correct?

The $72K is for 3 quarters, not four. After the first year, you pay for the term that you are in class. It is about $17K plus fee for the term. Some program are a bit cheaper. The same for room and board. The $15K you listed was based on 3 terms. Basic room is about $2500 per term.

Get paid for co-op? Is that even a question? I would not even consider going on co-op unless it was for paid. Maybe time has changed but co-op gets paid pretty well. I remember making about $13/hr that was like 30 years ago.

When doing cost comparison at Drexel with other school, it is a bit more complex as the tuition you are paying is most like not going to be the same after the 1st year.

SJ- Thank you so much!
So if a student had a year with two terms and 6 months of co-op that would be about 52k for tuition plus 20k for room and board but that’s right back to 72 k

So even if you factor in the 15k for a paid co-op, that’s 57k

So, i see what you are saying about not even considering an unpaid co-op because then you’re paying room and board and also a very high tuition fee. Better to go home for the summer and save on room and board in that case, or get more credits over with which will save in the long run on room and board.

IF students in the three co-op program can’t find a Co-op or can’t find one in Philly, can they then just switch to takinga summer vacation and at least go home and earn money at their summer jobs back home?

If you only have two terms of class, your tuition is two times the tuition cost per term (about $17K each term). The $52K you are referring to is the cost for year that includes 3 terms of classes. Usually the 1st and last year for the 5 years program.

For students doing the co-op program, it is a requirement for graduation but I must admit that I am not totally up to date on the in/out of the current co-op program/rules. My son is considering attending there for a 5 year master program so we had to go over the tuition when comparing to other school. I have been on both side of the co-op program, as a student and hiring co-op students.

IMHO, without any merit or aid, I would not consider Drexel. They do offer decent financial aid and I a bit more than other when it comes to merit but that $70K+ a year, I don’t see it.

Thanks! This is super helpful!

But, with a paid co-op it’s closer to 56k which isn’t really that bad for us, compared to paying out of state fees for many other schools. Still, if my d received at least 10k in merit aid, that would REALLY help me justify attending there instead of some of the other schools on our list, ALL of which are less expensive.

2 things to consider, one all co-ops are not in Philly area so you Could have a Co-op near where you resides, I do not know if all dorms are open in the summer for everyone. The way Drexel sorta explained it was you would be assigned a Co-op and it was not guaranteed it was paid, most were but some were not. the example they gave was a marketing major Interned for the Philly Eagles the year they went to the Super Bowl, a great experience and looks great on a resume but it was unpaid.