Can someone help me with this Math IC question?

<p>Anyone know how to do this? Any help is appreciated:</p>

<p>(12) [ 1/2x times 2x/3 times 3/4x times 4x/5 times ... times 26x/27]</p>

<p>seems to be a geometric equation where times is just multiplication (didnt want to confuse anyone with more x's)</p>

<p>answers are either</p>

<p>a) 4/9
b) 4x/9
c) 4/9x
d) 104x/27
e) 104x/135</p>

<p>12/27=4/9, if you multiply the numerator and demominator of all of fractions except the last one cancel out each other. does 12 on the front mean the problem number or times 12?</p>

<p>it means it is multiplied by twelve</p>

<p>ah, got it thanks alot man</p>

<p>The quickest way to do this is to realize the x values cancel out. They cancel in pairs of two, and the last value is an even value (26).</p>

<p>Longer way.. Assuming you meant 12 times all that (or none of the choices would be correct), we can do..