can someone help?

<p>I direly need help with my ap Calc homework. Can anyone help?</p>

<p>Consider the curve y^2 = 4 + x and the chord AB joining the points A(-4, 0) and B(0,2) on the curve.</p>

<p>(a) Find the x- and y-coordinates of the point on the curve where the tangent line is parallel to chord AB.</p>

<p>(b) Find the area of the region R enclosed by teh curve and the chord AB.</p>

<p>(c) find teh volume of the solid generated when the region R, defined in part (b), is revolved about the x-axis.</p>

<p>guys, I've never been good at circles, so if anyone can help I'd really really appreciate it! I'm like getting a deficiency in AP calc, so please I'd appreciate any help!</p>