Can someone please Chance an OOS Student?????

<p>I'm a senior from Maine.
My Stats
GPA: Unweighted 88.5/100
I canceled my weighted GPA of 99 because I was able to cancel my class ranking, top 60%. My school was weird because since I transferred from a different school the dropped these two.</p>

CR: 590
M: 730
W: 500</p>

Captain of Football Team (12)
Football (9-12)
Track (10-11)
Baseball (9 and 12)
Tennis (11)
Science Club (11)
Worked 30 hr's a week during summer and 20 hrs. a week during school year
Volunteered 60 hrs. before senior year during summer</p>


<p>Anyone to chance me?</p>

<p>Anyone? plz chance</p>

<p>makes no sense, you canceled your 99% GPA, which gave you a Top 60% rank?</p>