Can someone please chance me?! USF

Term: Fall
Ethnic Background: Asian-American
UW: 3.4
W: 4.4
Post-Secondary GPA: 3.66
ACT: 23 (Retaking October 22)
Reading: 28 English: 23 Math: 19 Science: 22 Writing: 25
Strength of Classes? All honors, 5 AP, 14 Dual Enrollment by Graduation.

  • 4 English Credits (English 1&2 Honors, AP LANG, Freshman Comp 1&2 DE)
  • 5 Math Credits (Algebra 1&2 Honors, Geometry Honors, Intermediate Algebra DE, College Algebra DE, Trigonometry DE, Statisical Methods DE)
  • 5 Science Credits (Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors, AP ENV, Anatomy&Physiology Honors, General Biology DE)
  • 5 Social Science (AP HUMAN GEO, AP WORLD HIST, AP US HIST, US Government DE, Economics DE, Philosophy DE, Sociology DE)
  • 3 World Language (American Sign Language 1&2, American Sign Language 3 Honors)
  • Other classes: Intro to Humanities DE, Professions of Caring DE, Fundamentals of Speech DE.
    EC: Asian Student Association (Officer for 3 years), Hopes View (Community Service Club), Beta Club, Always Wear Your Seatbelt, Kitchen Club, National Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, French Club.

    Community Service Hours: 100+

My first choice is USF, my second is UCF, and my third choice is FSU!

I checked and I’m pretty sure I hit all of the Academic Success Factors for USF. That being, taking more than 3 AP courses, taking one course higher than Pre-calculus (Stats), having more than 3 science credits, taking another year of foreign language beyond 2 years, having an ACT writing score of at least 24 (I got a 25), 2+ Dual Enrollment courses, and a post-secondary GPA of 3.00.

Please let me know my chances as USF is my top school!! :smiley:

I forgot to mention that my class rank is 100/632 (Top 15%)