Can someone please explain to me what exactly one studies in ILR?

<p>I have trying to do some research about this school but I have not obtained nay definitive answers on it.</p>

<p>My main question is, what is it that a person studies at ILR?</p>

<p>I want to be either: a) Investment Banker , 2.) Corporate Lawyer</p>

<p>Would ILR be a good option for me?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for the explanation.</p>

<p>"I want to be either: a) Investment Banker , 2.) Corporate Lawyer"</p>

<p>art history would be just as suitable for those career choices. It doesn't matter what you major in.</p>

<p>Huh? I don't understand sorry.</p>

<p>What gomestar is saying is that there is no specific undergraduate preparation for becoming a lawyer or investment banker. Many people go into those professions coming from lots of different undergraduate majors, i.e. the comment about art history. I would suggest you look at the Cornell website and see what kinds of classes are offered through ILR. That may give you a better idea of whether you'll be interested.</p>

<p>physics engineering is by far the best if you want to have a career in one of the aforementioned fields. 100% best!</p>

<p>I stand corrected: there's really only one school at Cornell that places into corporate law, all of the others are just crap ... it's the law school if you haven't guessed.</p>

<p>what he really wants to say is that too many people are using ILR to get into those two career paths and he doesn't want more people like you applying ;)</p>