Can someone please look over my scholarship essay? Thanks so much!

<p>Describe a challenge you have faced and how you have overcome it.</p>

<p>Six weeks ago, I entered room 204 with 24 fellow students for the first time. Located at the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College, the College Now Architecture program had just begun. Two weeks into the program, my classmates and I were presented with a group design challenge: to incorporate living, working, and presentation spaces for a painter, a potter, and a poet on one site. Fast-forward three weeks: final review is on Wednesday, my group had just created an entirely new concept, and there are more drawings left to be finished than any of us had anticipated. Challenge: to further develop our concept and express and define it through a model and section and plan drawings in 4 days. Trust me, it’s possible. All it takes is blood, sweat, and tears.
The night before final review, I stayed late to finish building my group’s model. Our building could be described as a rectangular pyramid in which the pinnacle is upon the ground and the sides are stepped inwards from the front. I was cutting the floor for my building, applying swift strokes to the wood with my knife and even started to break a sweat. After a while I had become less concerned with making precise strokes and started to be careless. That’s when it happened. My left hand slipped towards the right, my right hand continued the cut with the knife, and the blade made contact with my wrist. I immediately put the knife down to examine my left hand. There was a thin line of red across my wrist. It was growing, with increasing acceleration. I screamed in terror, shed a tear, then raced out the door to the bathroom. After washing my battle wound ever so carefully, I bandaged it and resumed working.
In the end, the model was finished. Final review went swell; the reviewers lauded the craftsmanship of the model and our professors praised the neatness of our drawings. Mission accomplished.</p>