Can someone please tell me my chances?

<p>2200 on my SAT with writing
29 on my ACT
4.2 Unweighted GPA
3.5 Weighted GPA
100+ Community Service Hours Completed
Did a few clubs that I was strongly involved in
Model UN(Officer) - Leo Club(Vice President) - Young Democrats Club(President) - Yoga Club - Culinary Club (All within my Junior and Senior year - I was really idle Freshman and Sophomore year)
National Honors Society too
Did 5 AP courses and Passed the exams including Economics
I want to apply to Stern so I thought that might be important
and I also did several honors courses, more so than regular courses
I as well did things outside of school, I primarily was in a church choir.
I also have several recommendation letters from teachers. I could get one from someone outside of school, </p>

<p>Chances of getting in? It's my drrreeaaam school.</p>

<p>NYU Stern: High match (match if you applied ED)</p>

<p>Do you have a safety?</p>