Can someone PLZ calculate my UC GPA?

<p>I really don’t know how UC grant honor points for AP classes
My sophomore + junior grades are …</p>

<p>10th Grade</p>

<p>AP World History (AP) 1st : B 2nd : A
Honors World Literature (HL) 1st : B 2nd : B
Algebra 2 (NH) 1st : A 2nd : A
Honors Chemistry (HL) 1st : B 2nd : C
Chinese (NH) 1st : A 2nd : A
Band (NH) 1st : A 2nd : B</p>

<p>1th Grade</p>

<p>American Literature (NH) 1st : B 2nd: A
AP Statistics (AP) 1st : A 2nd : A
AP Computer Science (AP) 1st : A 2nd : A
Honors Pre-Calc (HL) 1st : B 2nd : B
Honors Physics (HL) 1st : A 2nd : A
Chinese (NH) 1st : A 2nd : A</p>

<p>Thank you. Plz Help !</p>

<p>Search [URL=<a href=""&gt;]here[/URL&lt;/a&gt;] to see if your classes are weighted or not.</p>

<p>15 A's = 60
8 B's = 24
1 C = 2</p>

<p>Total = 86 + 8 bonus points = 94. Divide by 24 semesters = 3.92</p>

I really don't know how UC grant honor points for AP classes


In the website, if a course has a star it qualifies for honors credit, 1 extra point per course up to 8. This is true for honor and AP courses in the school as well as courses in a CCC that satisfies a-g requirements.</p>