can someone predict my verbal score? (oct. 9 sat)

<p>I left three blank and i think i got about 5 or 6 wrong.</p>

<p>Thanks in Advance</p>


<p>Ooh, SAT's, gotya. That would be a raw score of around a 74, so you're in good shape...ought to be abvoe 700, at the very least.</p>

<p>I think that a 67 is a bit too harsh for -9 - 11 because I believe that the verbal curve will be somewhat forgiving for this SAT. I would say you're looking at a 720-680</p>

<p>haha I typed my reply while zoogies was editing his/her post.</p>

<p>I just calculated your score using the scale in the practice booklet; minus 6 and you are at a 69, and at minus 5 and you got yourself a 71</p>