can someone score my essay please?

<p>this is a practice essay prompt : "Do you think that people are capable of finding happiness or are they always searching for something beyond what they have?"</p>

<p>the following is my essay done in 25 minutes.. it is exactly as i wrote it(even though as i typed it out, i noticed ALOT of mistakes). </p>

<pre><code>Happiness is an abstract that has pondered the mines of many philosopherse and psychologists for centuries. What exactly is happiness and how does one achieve it? Happiness is all a mental game. When one finally becomes satisfied with thenselves, they will achieve happiness. With this, I believe everyone is capable of controling what they think, so naturally, everyone is capable of happiness.
Happiness needs no materialism. Although many believe with money comes contentment, this is quite the contrary as proved in Walden Pond. Walden decides to live in soclusion away from society contatimation of gossipe, money, and superficially. In doing so, he becomes much more content with himself because he knows he is self reliant and needs no dependibility.
Budda also achieved happiness from being in the absence of materialism. Through meditation, buddha was allowed a time for self reflection and discovery that life does not take fame to achieve happiness. His followers believed that narivana can also be achieved by curing oneself of their desires. This shows that happiness all comes with the mind and once the owner has understood his/her own thoughts, he/she can finally be content.

<p>Last but not least, my father's colleague achieved happiness through this realizations that life is simply to beautiful to waste time being uncontent. To sit back and give thanks to one's blessings is the beginning step in finding happiness. My father's colleague realized how greateful he was for his home, vast accumulation of knowledge, and his health. He realized nothing more is needed to complete his life. Anything extra is simply accessories, not necessities of life.
Happiness is achievable to everyone. the person who is always searching for something beyond is not please with his decosions in life. This is only a reflection of that person's mindset that haunts him/her because he/she allow it to happen. To achieve happiness simply means becomeing free from society's impurities and not get caught up in materialism. Once this step is accomplished, one has found happiness.</p>

<p>*wow there were so many mistakes and spelling/grammer error. its a bit embarassing. please understand that i felt very rushed</p>


<p>8-9 also...develop your examples more.</p>