Can someone tell me a little about Drew?

My son was accepted… offered a very very generous package and would be an athletic recruit with highest merit award… h’e be studying Behavioral Neuroscience… He liked the school… we were not “wow’d” by it but would like to hear real stories about what goes on at Drew educationally, socially ect… as well as is it known enough to end up in med school after… Thanks!

What other colleges did your son get into?

Drew is an ok college. I graduated from there about ten years ago. Things have changed up there, for better or for worse, but I will say that the college is for a particular kind of student. There is a college for every kind of student out there, so Drew might be good for some and not good for others. I would suggest talking with current students to get their take on things up there. This goes for any college you are interested in learning about. Do your homework and you should be able to find the right fit for your son.