Can student apply to BOTH University of Notre Dame REA and Georgetown EA?

Have gotten mixed responses to this question. Based on reading both school websites, I assumed students could apply to both. Was then told by a college counselor that students could not apply to both schools for early action. If you have clarification on this, I would appreciate additional perspectives.

Yes, you can. The only restrictions are no binding early decision applications if you apply to Notre Dame or Georgetown.


You are correct, it is allowed. The counselor is misinformed.

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Agree with the other two @nonamemichigan @2Devils . I didn’t know the answer but looked at each website. Both say you have til May 1 to choose another.

You might go over with the counselor. It’s very clear you can.

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I’m assuming these are your top two and you have no intention of EDing elsewhere.

Just note both say there is no advantage in applying early - it’s more for you. I have no reason not to believe them although maybe there are stats that say otherwise.

If there’s any chance you might decide another school is more to your liking and money is no issue and without question ED helps (Penn for example), then applying rd to both should not hurt although if you got into the ED school it’s be a moot point.

Good luck to you.

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It’s interesting my S23 and I toured Georgetown last week and they specifically said this in the information session highlighting that both were between an 10-11% acceptance rate.

However, they also said that students who apply under REA would either be accepted or deferred, they don’t reject anyone under REA. I saw a couple of stats that said between 10-15% of deferred applicants are accepted in RD. So if that’s the case then the overall acceptance rate for EA applicants is actually higher.

For example last year there were ~8800 EA applicants, with ~880 accepted and 8K deferred. If 10% of those 8K are later accepted thats another 800 putting the total at 1680 out of 8800 that were eventually accepted (~19% acceptance rate) conversely that lowers the regular acceptance rate for those that didn’t apply EA to ~8.5%


They said the same when we toured - no rejections.

We know at most, maybe all schools - that ED provides an advantage. I would “assume” those motivated to apply early are also probably higher stat students - although that may be an illogical thought - it just seems logical to me. So that might be the delta.

Or it might in fact provide an advantage.

In actually reading what they wrote - perhaps I mis-stated and your assessment may be spot on. This is what they say - and then yes, this would mean those applying RD - if you took out the deferrals - get in at a less percentage - which would be ok if my hypothesis that they are weaker statistically - is correct - of course I have no way to know. Thanks for brining that up.

There is no statistical advantage in applying Early Action, as both our Early Action and Regular Decision pools will have roughly the same acceptance rate. Typically, about 15 percent of the candidates deferred from Early Action are successful during the spring review.

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To some the advantage of EA is the possibility of having an acceptance in December. (But that is not the OPs question.)

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